Your Soul Matters to God; And to Us


Our mission at HBCTCI is God's mandate to the Church - to go and make disciples of all men (Matthew 28:19).  We fully embrace the call to continue spreading the declaration and call of Jesus to all mankind to "repent" (Matthew 4:17). We believe the Bible that says that:

  1. All people - men, women, boys, and girls - are born as sinners (Romans 3:23) because of the sin of the first man and woman (Romans 5:12)
  2. The payment for our sins is death - eternal separation from God (Romans 6:23)
  3. We are unable to pay for our sins as the payment needed to be a perfect sacrifice (Romans 3:10)  
  4. God loved us so much that He sacrificed His only Son to be the payment for our sins (John 3:16, Romans 6:23)
  5. If we confess our sins, repent of sin against a Holy God, believe in our hearts that Jesus Christ died for our sins but was raised up God, and call on Him, asking Him to be Lord of our lives, according to Scripture, we will be saved (Romans 10:9-10, Romans 10:13)
  6. The Holy Spirit comes and lives within you from the moment of salvation, as proof of the salvation transaction and a guarantee of your future inheritance (Ephesians 1:13-14) 
  7. A rich, unfading, abundant Eternity with God our Father is the promise of inheritance for those who repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:15, John 10:28-29)

If you need help understanding these steps or want someone to pray with you, call us at 649-333-2009. Move with urgency because the "Kingdom of Heaven is at hand"! (Matthew 4:17)


God’s word teaches us all we need to know about baptism.  At HBCTCI we:

  1. Baptize and are baptized because Jesus said His disciples are baptized. (Matthew 28:18-20)
  2. Recognize baptism is an outward picture of what took place in our hearts when we committed our lives to Jesus. (Romans 6:3-5)
  3. We understand that baptism is not required to go to heaven (Luke 23:39-43), as is illustrated by the thief on the cross but is done in obedience to Jesus' call.
  4. We observe that baptism always follows a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:40-41, 8:34-37, 9:15-19, 10:44-48, 16:14-15, 31-33)



Further, because the definition of the Greek word “baptizo” means to “dip in or under” or “to immerse,” we practice baptism by full immersion, meaning that the person is put fully under the water…but not held too long. We schedule baptismal services every 8-10 weeks, as needed.