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Rooted is a 10-week discipleship program that connects you to God, the church, and your purpose. Rooted shows who God is and how to live as His follower. It helps you to refocus and re-ignite your faith as a Christian.

Rooted is built on 7 Rhythms that the early church taught and practice in Acts 2. The Rooted rhythms shape the Rooted experience and help you grow deeper and go further in your relationship with God and the church.

Daily Devotion - You will develop the habit of reading Scripture daily and reflecting on what God has to say to your heart.

Prayer - Communicating with your Heavenly Father will become central to your walk.

Celebrate -What God is doing in your life.

Share Your Story
- Discover effective ways to share your faith journey with others who need Jesus.

Freedom From StrongHolds - You’ll identify problem areas in your life and seek help in overcoming them.

Sacrificial Generosity - Learn more about how God views money and calls us to generous living.

Serve The Community - Explore ways to reach out and serve the community.

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