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Harvest Bible Chapel TCI is committed to delivering expository preaching with a unique blend of biblical depth and practical application. Our approach to teaching is rooted in a deep reverence for the Word of God, seeking to unlock its timeless truths and principles. Through expository preaching, we strive to make the scriptures not only accessible but also deeply meaningful to our congregation.

We understand that true transformation occurs when the Word of God is not just heard but also understood and applied in our daily lives.


Our aim is to present the Bible in a way that is both biblical, maintaining the integrity of the text, and digestible, ensuring that everyone can grasp its profound message and relevance to their walk of faith. Join us on this journey of exploring God's Word, and together, we'll discover how its timeless wisdom can impact and shape our lives today.

The Saviour Has Come

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The Saviour Has Come

At Christmas, we celebrate that God has come to us in love to save us. This Christmas message proclaims God’s initiative in coming to us in the Christ child. We are encouraged to trust that God isn’t far from broken people or a broken world. The Savior has come for us all, and the Savior is with us all.

December 26, 2021

People Must Know

Speaker: Caldon Charles Series: The Saviour Has Come Topic: People Must Know Verse: Luke 2:21-39

December 19, 2021

This Wonderful Story Of Love

Speaker: Raymond Cushnie Series: The Saviour Has Come Topic: The Wonderful Story Of Love Verse: Luke 2:1-18

December 12, 2021

Promise Made Promise Kept

Speaker: Marcus Francis Series: The Saviour Has Come Topic: Promise Made Promise Kept Verse: Luke 1:26-56

December 5, 2021

God Had You In Mind

Speaker: Dr. Abimbola Afolabi Series: The Saviour Has Come Verse: Matthew 1:1-17