Our services are both IN-PERSON and ONLINE. Click on the tab RESOURCES to WATCH our ONLINE Services.

Harvest Kids provides care and spiritual direction for your children from ages 0 – 11. While we understand that we are not a child’s primary giver, we feel blessed with an opportunity to partner with you, the parent, to equip each child with Biblical truths and life applications of the word of God. 


  • All our HK activities are geared towards encouraging your dear ones too:
  • Share the truth of God’s word with creativity and relevance
  • Lift high the name of Jesus through daily worship and Bible study 
  • Share the Good News on a daily basis
  • Pray fervently and in all circumstances
  • Love God with all their heart, mind and soul and to love others

While you worship, your children will simultaneously participate in an hour and a half of enthusiastic Worship, intentional and age-appropriate biblical teaching, and opportunities to apply God’s truth to their lives.

Our Age Groups

  • Nursery – 0 to 4 years
  • Elementary – 5 to 11 years