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 Waiting Room: New Advent Series

The Christmas story isn't just about a star, a manger, and shepherds. It's also a story of profound waiting—a divine pause in history. For centuries, God's people waited in anticipation, yearning for the promised Messiah to bring hope, peace, and salvation.

In "The Waiting Room," our Christmas Advent sermon series, we embark on a journey through the passages of Scripture that capture the essence of this season of waiting. Together, we'll explore the stories of those who anticipated Christ's arrival, from the prophets who foretold His birth to Mary and Joseph, who carried the weight of angelic messages.

As we delve into these narratives, we'll discover that waiting is not merely a passive period but a time of active preparation, faith, and prayer. It's a time when we learn to trust in God's perfect timing and embrace the hope that only Christ can bring.

Join us each week of Advent as we gather in the waiting room—where faith and patience intertwine—anticipating the joy of Christ's arrival and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. In this sacred space, we'll find that the waiting itself is a gift, a season of growing closer to God as we prepare our hearts to welcome the Savior into our lives once more.

This Christmas season, let's not rush past the waiting room; let's savor it, for it is in the waiting that we find the profound beauty and wonder of Emmanuel—God with us.