June 15: Forth George: Creating Lasting Connections (Father and Son)

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Reason for the Program
As a church, Harvest Bible Chapel has worked in the communities of the Turks and Caicos offering relief to those in material and spiritual need. This is driven by the church’s mission to make disciples in the spirit of love with the vision to see these disciples growing deeper and going further in their faith. One of the church’s core values is offering personal compassionate care to those it welcomes to its services and those in need.

The biblical mandate to love God and love others as shown in the story of the Good Samaritan as recorded in Luke 10:25-37 drives the church to use its resources to help those in need. This combination of need and available resources, along with prayer, counsel, and a sense of calling led the church to envision a program providing care and support to those in emotional and mental distress. The Early Care Intervention and Support (ECIS) was subsequently birthed. 

Purpose Statement
The Early Care Intervention Support program will help people who are experiencing emotional and spiritual difficulties experience hope, freedom, and well-being and develop life-long skills for healthy flourishing.

 This program fulfills our Mission to Glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the Spirit of the Great Commandment By helping followers of Jesus Christ become better disciples while helping those not in a relationship with Jesus Christ experience God’s love through his disciples.

This program meets our Vision to see Disciples Growing Deeper and Going Further By helping disciples of Jesus Christ grow to be equipped to help and lead others.

The ECIS program fulfills our core value of personal compassionate care by being a client-focused initiative that welcomes and cares for participants while utilizing best practices and biblical teaching in an engaging and consistently excellent manner.

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